Our Services & Programs include:

Crumbs from the Kitchen Table

Table Talk
Take strips of paper and give everyone a pen.  Have all family members write out    5-10 questions, each question on a separate sheet of paper.  Fold strips and place in a basket or bowl in the middle of your dinner table.  At dinner time have someone pick one of the strips, read the question aloud and go around the table for everyone to have a turn answering.  It’s a great opportunity to get to know each other better and maybe find out some secrets about your kids you didn’t know!
Sample Questions:
-What is your favorite dessert?
-Where would you like to go on vacation if you could choose anywhere?
-What do you like most/least about yourself?
-How has God shown Himself to be real in your life?
-What do you think heaven is like?
- What was the best part of today?
Our rule is that in order to play we ALL have to be at the table, all seven of us! This makes it special and something to look forward to when we are all together!
Take time to open the windows of your child’s heart – it may surprise you and will certainly bless you!

Marriage Counseling

Individual Counseling

Marriage Intensives

Rapid Resolution Therapy & EMDR Therapy

Premarital Counseling

Formational Prayer Classes

Building Healthy Boundaries

Wounded Heart

Made in His Image

Redemptive Gifts Class